Viborg - Denmark

New canteen

A beautiful and multifunctional canteen

AC Hydraulic in Denmark is well known for high quality products and innovative solutions. When furnishing their newly built office canteen, they were looking for a stylish and modern alternative to the traditional canteen-concept. The idea was to use the beautiful room not only as a place where you can eat your lunch, but also as an informal meeting room for guests or as a place to retreat for project work.

In close cooperation with our Danish dealer, Jysk Indretning, Randers+Radius supplied GRIP tables and DRY chairs. The GRIP tables added elegance and airiness to the room, while the minimalist design of the cleaning friendly DRY chair worked in perfect harmony with the beautiful architectonical surroundings. Another important aspect was the DRY chairs excellent seating comfort and its contribution to good room acoustics. 

Products from the AC Hydraulic canteen




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